FPA means Fire, Police and Ambulance. An emergency mobile application solution purposely designed to speed up the time by which the public get access to these three emergency service providers by sending their details and location to the service provider.


TOOLETI is a GIS insurance application that is tactically designed for auto/motor insurance to speed up claim processing and provide vital information that would be relevant to the insurer. This application has visual screening solutions that support uploading of mobile photos and videos, thus enabling policyholders to file claims directly for it to be processed.


Banikudi is an innovative and ultra-fast mobile point of sale (mPOS ) application designed to register new clients, mobilize deposits, manage loan repayments, recieve customer feedback; map and locate clients.


Client Geographical Information System (CLIGIS) is a location based application for mapping and locating of properties. This solution offers a unique opportunity of searching the most comprehensive data of places in a single location-based database and thereby displaying a linked and up-to the minute satellite image of the Bank’s client’s property of relevance.


Mobile Asset Management System (MAMSIS) is Henson Geodata Technologies GIS based solution specifically designed to improve mobile asset security, monitor and manage valuable mobile assets, wherever they are in Africa.


Rapid file is a mobile GIS reporting application tactically designed for journalist and news reporters to detail real time events where their location of reporting, videos and pictures can be captured and reported.

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