Banikudi is an innovative and ultra-fast mobile point of sale (mPOS ) application designed to register new clients, mobilize deposits, manage loan repayments, recieve customer feedback; map and locate clients.

it can be connected to any core banking application and it runs on android devices such as android mobile phones which makes it possible for field’s agents/ collectors to register new clients and collect funds which is registered in real time to central servers. It basically reduces leakages, improves overall compliance by institutions and provides enough data to facilitate auditing and management.

Since our application is GIS based, it will enable the receiver to provide accurate location information of all field agents and clients. It enables managers to identify the true location of their clients and their field agents.

It offers banks and non-banks the unique opportunity of widening their client based and to facilitate branchless services through this mobile application but not limited to the following;

  • To empower agents to mobilize funds and register collections via their mobile phones for prompt transactions and results
  • Ability of managers to view activities undertaken by field agents in real-time using our GIS map
  • Instant alerts on deposits to confirm to clients to transactions
  • To locate every field agent and to track their activities
  • Ability to locate client’s movable properties used as collateral
  • Considerable reduction in paper transactions where agents will no longer carry receipts booklets and perform manual reconciliation back at the office



  • Instant Account Opening
  • Instant acknowledgement of payments via SMS to clients.
  • Drastic fraud reduction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Instant cash reconciliation
  • Reduction of leakages and compromising of officers /agents in the field
  • GPS location for fields officers
  • GPS location for Customers/Clients
  • No need for in-branch IT skill
  • Real time report generation
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