Product Detail

Client Geographical Information System (CLIGIS) is a location based application for mapping and locating of properties. This solution offers a unique opportunity of searching the most comprehensive data of places in a single location-based database and thereby displaying a linked and up-to the minute satellite image of the Bank’s client’s property of relevance.

It’s an application designed for industries that is geographically conscious of locating their business activities and that of their clients such as Banks, insurance, Telecommunication Companies etc . The CLIGIS story begins with a Bank client sitting in front of a Bank customer relations officer and selecting a specific immovable property as his home, business relation, or collateral property.

Upon confirmation by the client of the location, the Bank can print the pin-pointed property and obtain the clients signature as affirmation. The record is saved with a unique code to be retrieved as and when necessary.

After marking the relevant property on the Bank’ computers, the system instantly submits generated data to a certified verification staff to verify using an intuitive mobile (Android) application.

Built-in the mobile app is (a) a navigation tool, (b) an image or video capture tool, (c) a tool to approve or reject submitted by the Bank’s client (d) reporting from exact location affirmed by the Bank’s client.


Client Geographical Information System Solution offer tremendous benefits to various institutions such Banks and Insurance companies and can at least be a potential saving of millions of cedis. Lending and other financial decisions are based on unequivocally accurate identification of prospective clients. For instance, A Bank’s ability to recover loans is immensely enhanced. The Bank can identify and secure collateralized immovable property.

  • A Banks ability to unequivocally verify its clients’ location
  • Massive cost savings realized by the bank
  • Improved and updateable collateral information
  • Improved repayments of loans and interests
  • Easy and fast search engine
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