Product Detail

FPA means Fire, Police and Ambulance. An emergency mobile application solution purposely designed to speed up the time by which the public get access to these three emergency service providers by sending their details and location to the service provider. It is a solution which will help to save lives and properties through the use this innovative product not only in Ghana but with the rest of Africa.

Instead of calling 191, 192 and 193 to describe a problem as well as location, FPA mobile app comes to your rescue to kill those two birds with one stone. Just hit F for fire service, P for police and A for ambulance to get public agencies alerted in a matter of seconds.

FPA takes away the time delayed in having to explain how severe your situation might be. All you need is to hit H for high severity, M for medium severity and L for low severity. Agencies will then know how urgent you need their help and get to you in time. The caller can be able to visually know at any point in time where the service provider has reached to his expected location.


  • Saves Human Lives
  • Saves Time
  • Service Provider can determine severity of situation on the ground enroute
  • It can work across Africa
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