Product Detail

Rapid file is a mobile GIS reporting application tactically designed for journalist and news reporters to detail real time events where their location of reporting, videos and pictures can be captured and reported. Ascertaining the facts of news information such as breaking news and pertinent global news items around the world is usually through the likes of CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Reuters and the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and etc. and until such news comes up local journalist often find it difficult to report news and unless they feed from this same platform.

Be as it may, journalist across Ghana dwell on these international and social platforms to do their reporting and do not have any existing platform on which they can feed on and exchange information/news items.

Again, direct reporting on the exact location of incidences are often not done unless its breaking news. Rapid file enables journalist to report from anywhere of which their location, pictures and videos can be taken and uploaded which can then be edited at news rooms before final exposure to the public.


  • Reporting locations can be verified
  • Pictures, Videos and other files can be uploaded
  • Sharing of information within and among the journalist fraternity
  • Newsrooms can have real time new coming in before it is made public
  • It is user friendly
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