Product Detail

TOOLETI is a GIS insurance application that is tactically designed for auto/motor insurance to speed up claim processing and provide vital information that would be relevant to the insurer. This application has visual screening solutions that support uploading of mobile photos and videos, thus enabling policyholders to file claims directly for it to be processed.

One of the common challenges insurance companies face in Ghana when it comes to claims is how they can make the process more efficient for customers. T-claim is the surest tool Insurers can stimulate their customers to quickly show damages and circumstances via their smartphone. This will provide a projected cost of damage and will allow the insurers to reserve funds for contingencies.

The application allows the insured to disclose visual information, location, type of car on the spot perfectly applicable for ‘low value’ claims. This instantly gives the insurer(company) more objective insights concerning the damage (e.g. driving direction, point of damage and environment). Although, large and more complex claims will probably always require an (onsite) claim expert. However, T-claim provides firsthand information on the incidence


  • It saves time
  • Insurers are able to determine the exact location of the incidence
  • It is cost-effective
  • Effective tool to engage customers proactively
  • Eliminates the traditional ways of communication between insurance companies i.e. phone calls, emails and paper forms
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